Taking apart the 23003.31 model ceramic lamp holder

I spent HOURS googling for how to disassemble these lamp holders, and even longer sitting trying to get the darned things apart by hand. In the end, as is so often the way, my dad came to stay and he worked it out (although in my defence it did take him hours too).  Continue reading Taking apart the 23003.31 model ceramic lamp holder

Making a Penguin birthday cake

I’ve always made Rufus’ birthday cakes since he was born, and I didn’t want to fall at the first hurdle. Last year, a monkey cake, and this year… a penguin. Luckily the first Google search result for “penguin cake” looked both amazing and relatively easy.  Continue reading Making a Penguin birthday cake

All about WordPress Web Addresses

I’ve given this presentation at WordCamp London 2015, and last night at the Manchester WordPress User Group. Essentially the talk title is a trojan horse to talk about rewrite rules and regular expressions, without everyone running out of the room screaming because I put “regex” in the talk title. ;)  Continue reading All about WordPress Web Addresses

A day out at Seven Sisters Farm

Having eyed up a farm with a £9 ticket price and balked, yesterday we visited the smaller Seven Sisters Farm where Roo (now nearly two) could stroke (and get licked by) some calves, play on a rocker and swings, generally have a run around, and the grown ups could admire the calf shed wooden panelling (honestly, you can’t take a landscape architect anywhere without commentary), and scoff down some milkshakes and waffles with icecream. Thoroughly recommended!

MWUG notes from Wednesday 21 January 2015

Some notes from last night’s MWUG meeting. Something I don’t get along to often enough, as Mike has mentioned on occasion. :)
Continue reading MWUG notes from Wednesday 21 January 2015

Business and Open Source

At WordCamp Europe 2014, I described how working with Open Source has enabled me to grow in business, and to grow my business. I talked about the tensions between Open Source and traditional business instincts, and shared how giving in to giving stuff away has powered my growth as a consultant working with WordPress.

If you’re interested in exploring these tensions further, and looking into the philosophical underpinnings of the WordPress project and the Open Source movement, I wholeheartedly recommend Siobhan’s talk: “WordPress: Bringing Ideas to Life”. Continue reading Business and Open Source

Displaying MySQL query results vertically

Ever found the MySQL table view annoying? The table format is terrible at displaying rows with long values, isn’t it? You can get MySQL to display results vertically:

Some query results are much more readable when displayed vertically, instead of in the usual horizontal table format. Queries can be displayed vertically by terminating the query with \G instead of a semicolon.

More information on this tips page.

mysql> select * from wp_usermeta where user_id in ( select ID from wp_users where user_login = 'ab04d41a-f5b3-4859-9474-5a7047c7e23c' )\G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
  umeta_id: 325
   user_id: 24
  meta_key: nickname
meta_value: Mr G Teacher
*************************** 2. row ***************************
  umeta_id: 326
   user_id: 24
  meta_key: rich_editing
meta_value: true
*************************** 3. row ***************************
  umeta_id: 327
   user_id: 24
  meta_key: comment_shortcuts
meta_value: false
*************************** 4. row ***************************