A Spanish tasting evening

Ibérico hamWe went to a Spanish food and wine evening last night at Love Saves the Day. Very interesting, with food writer Clarissa Hyman (who’s currently promoting her book The Spanish Kitchen) and Ed Cross from Boutinot. Spanish food is apparently on the up and up again, what Clarissa described as the “second food revolution that the Spanish have led” (the first brought us chillis, chocolate and potatoes).

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Spiced sweet butternut squash soup

An improvised soup, based on a combination of what was in the cupboard and “Spiced Sweet Potato & Red Onion Soup” from Soup Kitchen; this version is pure butternut squash. That’s the wife’s lunches sorted then.

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A Moroccan-ish Casserole

An improvised casserole, based on what was in the cupboard, with a Moroccan twist. Next time I’d like to try preserved lemons, which seem to be preferred over fresh for Moroccan style cooking. Staying with the MiL at the moment, so I was able to take advantage of her terracotta casserole dish which seemed appropriate (although it was Schlemmertopf, not a tangine.)
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