Business and Open Source

At WordCamp Europe 2014, I described how working with Open Source has enabled me to grow in business, and to grow my business. I talked about the tensions between Open Source and traditional business instincts, and shared how giving in to giving stuff away has powered my growth as a consultant working with WordPress.

If you’re interested in exploring these tensions further, and looking into the philosophical underpinnings of the WordPress project and the Open Source movement, I wholeheartedly recommend Siobhan’s talk: “WordPress: Bringing Ideas to Life”. Continue reading Business and Open Source

PHPNW12: Catching opportunities in Open Source

Christian Schaefer and Stefan Koopmanschap talking about Open Source and community. It’s nice every so often to sit in a talk which you’re in broad agreement with, and obviously as a keen proponent of a Open Source this talk was right slap bang in the middle of my interests. The notes below are a combination of what Christian and Stefan said and my thoughts as they spoke.

“What caused England, the colonial power to fritter away it’s head start within the span of a century, while the under developed agrarian state of Germany caught up rapidly, becoming an equally developed industrial nation by 1900?”

It seems that copyright was holding back the spread of knowledge in England. Continue reading PHPNW12: Catching opportunities in Open Source

Economies of abundance

This really struck a chord with me:

“Making money from open source is a hack though, as our currencies are based in scarcity and our peer economies are based in abundance. In the latter, the more people participating means the more everyone benefits.”
Daniel Bachhuber – an economy of abundance