PHPNW12: Scale and Adapt / Responsive Redesign: How we’re building BBC News

John Cleveley (@jcleveley) from Auntie BBC talking about the responsive development of BBC News. Usual caveat applies, (a) these are my notes on my thoughts as well as his words, and (b) I may have misheard or misunderstood.

Current site is static files and a lot of Apache includes! Responsive sites: cool… but hard! Moving from an easy compartmentalised set of sites, mobile and desktop; mobile was simpler, for less capable devices.

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PHPNW12: Effective code reviews

A really entertaining talk, with great slides, by Sebastian Marek at PHPNW12 on Code Reviews. As usual, the notes below are a mix my understanding of what Sebastian said and what I was thinking as he said it. If I’ve misunderstood or misheard, just let me know in the comments.

Introducing the characters (cute little character drawings in the slides):
Tom “I want it done” the owner
Harry “just get it done” the manager
…I missed the others :)

Take a process: design, coding, code review, testing. But do we really need to review the code? “Surely the testing covers the testing, and you guys already know how to code, right?”

“We’re nearly done, just need to review the code”
“But we’re busy, we have no-one spare, let’s just push it out…”

“I need John Senior to review my code.”
“He’s busy, you can have Bob Junior”

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PHPNW12: Catching opportunities in Open Source

Christian Schaefer and Stefan Koopmanschap talking about Open Source and community. It’s nice every so often to sit in a talk which you’re in broad agreement with, and obviously as a keen proponent of a Open Source this talk was right slap bang in the middle of my interests. The notes below are a combination of what Christian and Stefan said and my thoughts as they spoke.

“What caused England, the colonial power to fritter away it’s head start within the span of a century, while the under developed agrarian state of Germany caught up rapidly, becoming an equally developed industrial nation by 1900?”

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PHPNW12: Don’t reboot, debug!

Some notes from Joshua Thijssen’s talk, which focussed on the knowledge and methods needed to deal with problems in production in a measured way. I was at the back of the room, and some of this is outside my wheelhouse, but here’s the notes; just bear in mind I might have either misheard or misunderstood stuff and feel free to correct me in the comments.

Deal with the problem now. Don’t reboot. Don’t reboot your system every night on a Cron job to solve a slowdown! Listen to your problems, sort them out and save yourself some future pain.

If you’re rebooting every night to solve some system slowdown, but your visitors suddenly increase 200% then you’re now rebooting at night AND at lunchtime. Not good. Not sustainable.

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PHPNW12: Ade Oshineye on Dev Experience, API Design and Craft Skills

These are the notes I made not so much of what Ade was saying, although some of the following was said by Ade, but also of my thoughts as he spoke. Really great talk, thank you Ade.

Apprenticeship patterns: acquisition, transmission, growth.

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