Quick thoughts for 2008-01-26 (via Twitter)

  • They’re cutting down the Acacia tree behind us; not great from an environmental viewpoint, but it will mean we get summer sun after 1pm. #
  • Finished entering 134 receipts into a spreadsheet, one step closer to the completing my last minute tax return! #
  • Oh no… just found another folder of receipts. Back to Excel then… #
  • @tomsmith Maybe you could pitch the Radiohead model of payments to HMRC… we pay them how much we feel the government deserves? #
  • HMRC website doesn’t work without the "www"… rubbish! #

Quick thoughts for 2007-12-21 (via Twitter)

  • Secure deleting all my personal data from the rented laptop, which is taking ages. Wish I’d started last night, the courier is due today. #
  • Genius description: Ashen faced, disintegrating, infant suspending, not full shilling, struggling fairground owner, Michael Jackson… #
  • Radiohead received no money from pre-Rainbows albums digital sales, due to contractual wrinkles from the pre-digital age; similar to the WGA #
  • Happy Birthday @andrewdisley #
  • Radio 1 carol singers are The Cheshire Chord Company, who covered "I predict a riot" last year. Their cover of Amy W’s "Rehab" is genius. #
  • Off on a wife hunt. She’s somewhere in the northern quarter, drunk with her works party. #