Closing all the Photoshop layer groups at once

The great thing about Twitter is the ability to ask all my talented friends for solutions to immediate problems, in the same way as I might turn around in an office and ask questions of my nearby colleagues. All well and good, but the question and the answer aren’t collated which is mildly frustrating and not Google friendly. Here’s a recent useful exchange:

Me: Is it possible in Photoshop to collapse all layer palette groups in one single judo UI operation?

McJim: Command + click on little triangle thingy

…closely followed by…

Strawbleu: Liking the term ‘Judo UI Operation’

Thought some of that might be useful to someone, as I did Google for it but couldn’t find an answer. Thanks to McJim for the answer.

Following hashtags with a Fluid app for Summize, errr, I mean Twitter Search

Just put together a quick Fluid app for Twitter Search. (Fluid is a Mac specific browser designed to be used with just one app, and together with it’s user scripts, think Grease Monkey, you can mimic basic application functionality.

I’ve just put one together which tracks the Twitter conversations around one Hashtag using the new Twitter search, and a Javascript which refreshes the window periodically.

To do this you will need to:

  1. Download Fluid
  2. Download the Twitter auto-reload script
  3. Download my lovely Hash Tag icon
  4. Open your Fluid app
  5. Enter the URL for your Twitter hashtag search, I’m at WordCamp UK so I entered: as the URL (you can obviously change the Hashtag in the search as appropriate).
  6. Give the Fluid app a memorable name
  7. Pick an icon (the one linked above is quite pretty)
  8. Click “Create”
  9. Select the curly script icon from the menubar (to the right of the “Window” menu) and choose “Open Userscripts Folder”
  10. Drop the Twitter auto-reload script into the folder (then close it)
  11. Go back to the script menu, and choose “Manage Userscripts”
  12. Check the box to enable”Auto reload”
  13. Ensure that Include has only one entry of “*” and Exclude is empty then close the dialog
  14. Refresh the window to kick off the new script (Apple+R)