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  1. Sorry… upgrading the site seems to have broken my old links. Doh. I’ll have to write some plugin to get them back I think… in the meantime, it’s now in the post for you.

  2. THank you sooooo much.

    UK2 have been nothing but problems.

    All the can do is tell me I need to spend money with them to fix my problems!!!!

    I went with them because they were cheap….clearly their pricing was only cheap because almost everything is an extra cost, now I have a helpful provider…who isn’t cheap but is able to set stuff up for me!

  3. The form makes it easy to transfer domain names away from UK2, but what about .com domain names?

    I have been reading the UK2 help files about transferring away and they state that I need to visit and set up a “Joker Handle” before I can transfer a .com domain away from UK2.

    Can I use the hidden form to transfer .com domain names way from UK2?

  4. Hi Simon. I think UK2 have recently revamped some of their systems, and so processes may have changed. Joker are a German company who manage the US domain system (.coms, .nets, .orgs, etc) on behalf of many ISPs, they’re OK to deal with, I think most of the difficulty with Joker comes from the badly thought through processes of the US domain system.

  5. I was instructed to set up a Joker account with the same email address used to register the domain name, which would give me access to all the .com domain names registered with UK2. I followed this instruction and it told me that there were no domain names registered to the email address.

    I can’t be 100% sure that the email address I’m using is the one used to setup the domain name (because it’s a friend’s domain name I’m trying to transfer). I used the email address currently shown on the domain name records, and my friend can’t remember if they used a different email address to set the domain up, and then changed it later.

    Have I been informed correctly that signing up using the same email address should allow me to transfer UK2 domain names using

  6. @Simon – I’m sorry, it’s a while since I’ve had dealings with Joker… I do remember a degree of pain, which I’m sure is cold comfort in your current situation. Have you tried a WHOIS lookup to check the domain registration details?

  7. Yes I have, but WHOIS only shows the same information I’ve already seen in the UK2 account. It doesn’t show my friend’s email address and UK2 are the administrative contact for the domain name, which might be why won’t let me see the domain name. I have asked UK2 on numerous occasions to give my friend administrative control over his domain name but they keep on saying that it has to be done through

    Thank you for your help Simon. I’ll keep researching on the web and see if I find anyone who’s gone through this has written about their experience.

  8. Thanks so much for posting this link, makes the whole thing so much quicker!

    I’ve just started the process to more my .com from UK2 to 123reg, and no-one’s mentioned joker to me so far.

    Both UK2 and 123 have taken some cash off me for the privilege of moving, so I’ll be pretty annoyed if it doesn’t work! I’m currently waiting for UK2 to look at the screenshot I sent them, even though I started the transfer while logged into their website so I’m not sure what it proves they didn’t know already.

  9. If you want to read a reader’s feedback :) , I rate this article for four from five. Detailed info, but I have to go to that damn google to find the missed parts. Thanks, anyway!
    p.s. Year One is already on the Internet and you can watch it for free.

  10. Thanks for publishing the UK2 link – I had the “old” one.
    Bit naff of them to keep moving it – speaks volumes of their understanding of customer service that it was moved!

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