Quick thoughts for 2007-12-25 (via Twitter)

  • Up to preheat the oven and prepare the goose. I’ve had to remove the legs so it fits, and covering the exposed flesh with foil is awkward. #
  • I feel less prepared for today than I remember from last year, my mind doesn’t feel too sharp. Time to give myself a good talking to. #
  • Time to clear down the surfaces and wash up, then get the giblet stock on. I can already hear the fat pouring out of the goose. #
  • Simmering stock is always a challenge on our hob, which really prefers to operate between gentle boil and a rollicking boil. #
  • Managed to borrow a sieve from a neighbour. Phew. #
  • Off to church, always nervewracking to leave the bird for such a long time. #
  • That’s the problem with wheels in your heels, you might come a cropper in a church aisle. #
  • Back to the goose now. I’m concerned that because the legs are off it won’t take as long to cook. Hopefully it’s not overdone. #
  • Moving on to the walnut, sausage and apple stuffing, cooked outside the goose. #
  • Stuffing is done, just not sure how long to cook it for. I’ve now hit a lull, which is unnerving me. Surely I should be frantic all morning? #
  • Moving on to the saffron roast potatoes… Saffron smells beautiful, but always grinds down to such a miniscule quantity. #
  • In summary, and I must note this in detail for next year: goose cooks quick with no legs, watch the timings on reheating, carrots take time. #
  • Happy Christmas everybody, a very Merry New Year. #
  • Self crisicism aside, the meal got thumbs up from my family, so I’m happy with that. Must. Write. Up. Notes. Night night. #

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