Alfred extension: Convert clipboard to plain text

Update: Well, what do you I know? It turns out that Andrew, developer of Alfred, has already got this covered and my weak Google-Fu didn’t turn it up: plain text paste in Alfred. So don’t use my version, use his.

I got tired of copying formatted text from a web page, pasting into a text editor, copying again, then pasting into a formatted email to get the clean, default, styling. The Alfred App extension linked below allows you to launch Alfred, type “pt”, hit return and boom anything in your clipboard is plain text.

Download: Convert clipboard to plain text.alfredextension (zip file) (Don’t download, use the method on Andrew’s blog post.)

For those interested, this is was the (very simple) command inside the extension:

pbpaste | textutil -stdin -stdout -convert txt | pbcopy;
echo "Converted to plain text: ";

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