Scaling WordPress & Co-ordinating Code at WordUp Whitehall

Thanks to Simon Dickson for inviting me to speak at WordUp Whitehall, a specialist and informal one day WordPress conference for people working in UK Government. I don’t do enough speaking, something I need to address, and this was a great opportunity to share some of the knowledge gained from working on relaunching the recent Defra project.

My presentation covered two quite separate topics: scaling WordPress for large amounts of traffic, and how version control can be useful for client in-house teams.

Here’s a PDF version of the talk, and certainly let me know if there’s any speaking opportunities coming up… I’m available! Scaling WordPress & Co-ordinating code

There’s a lot of images used in the presentation, and thanks to the following for providing their photos under a Creative Commons license:

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Restoring deleted files from an SVN repository

I’ve always idly thought that one of the brilliant things about version control was that you could recover accidentally deleted files when it became necessary. Well that scenario arose today, and I realised I had absolutely no idea how to do it. Continue reading Restoring deleted files from an SVN repository

Setting SVN:Ignore on the command line

One of the (only) things I miss in my move to the Mac is TortoiseSVN, a really nice Subversion client which integrates with the Windows shell giving you all the Subversion commands on a right click context menu. SCPlugin for OS X is coming along, and what they have is very nice, but they don’t have it all yet… still, good effort guys, thanks.

One function missing from SCPlugin, and from the Subversion bundle on Textmate, is the ability to easily set the SVN:Ignore property. Setting SVN:Ignore on a file or directory means that SVN will never bother you with trying to add or commit it. I’m always heading for the command line, then getting confused and failing to remember how to do the business… so for my benefit here it is (and embarassingly for my memory it’s actually quite easy):

Continue reading Setting SVN:Ignore on the command line