Scaling WordPress & Co-ordinating Code at WordUp Whitehall

Thanks to Simon Dickson for inviting me to speak at WordUp Whitehall, a specialist and informal one day WordPress conference for people working in UK Government. I don’t do enough speaking, something I need to address, and this was a great opportunity to share some of the knowledge gained from working on relaunching the recent Defra project.

My presentation covered two quite separate topics: scaling WordPress for large amounts of traffic, and how version control can be useful for client in-house teams.

Here’s a PDF version of the talk, and certainly let me know if there’s any speaking opportunities coming up… I’m available! Scaling WordPress & Co-ordinating code

There’s a lot of images used in the presentation, and thanks to the following for providing their photos under a Creative Commons license:

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  1. Very interesting reading – I have a project hopefully coming up where the server could well crash and burn on launch. So I’ll probably be picking your brains on this very subject – or hiring them :)

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