All about WordPress Web Addresses

I’ve given this presentation at WordCamp London 2015, and last night at the Manchester WordPress User Group. Essentially the talk title is a trojan horse to talk about rewrite rules and regular expressions, without everyone running out of the room screaming because I put “regex” in the talk title. ;)  Continue reading All about WordPress Web Addresses

Business and Open Source

At WordCamp Europe 2014, I described how working with Open Source has enabled me to grow in business, and to grow my business. I talked about the tensions between Open Source and traditional business instincts, and shared how giving in to giving stuff away has powered my growth as a consultant working with WordPress.

If you’re interested in exploring these tensions further, and looking into the philosophical underpinnings of the WordPress project and the Open Source movement, I wholeheartedly recommend Siobhan’s talk: “WordPress: Bringing Ideas to Life”. Continue reading Business and Open Source

I have a dream, about development environments (presentation)

This is the presentation I gave today at WordCamp Manchester, 2014. There’s an embed of the slides below, and you can also download the version with my (fairly verbose) speaker notes. Continue reading I have a dream, about development environments (presentation)

What happened at the WordPress Community Summit (presentation)

Here’s the presentation I gave to Manchester WordPress User Group last night on the first WordPress Community Summit in 2012. Here’s Jane Wells’ initial post explaining the thinking behind the summit.

If you want to learn more about what’s going on, you can see the summaries posted on the day for the morning and the afternoon, and watch the “notes” category archive as the session notes are going up now.

Scaling WordPress & Co-ordinating Code at WordUp Whitehall

Thanks to Simon Dickson for inviting me to speak at WordUp Whitehall, a specialist and informal one day WordPress conference for people working in UK Government. I don’t do enough speaking, something I need to address, and this was a great opportunity to share some of the knowledge gained from working on relaunching the recent Defra project.

My presentation covered two quite separate topics: scaling WordPress for large amounts of traffic, and how version control can be useful for client in-house teams.

Here’s a PDF version of the talk, and certainly let me know if there’s any speaking opportunities coming up… I’m available! Scaling WordPress & Co-ordinating code

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BarCamp Leeds – “my last project”

If you’re attending BarCamp Leeds, I need YOU.

I’d love to know what you’ve been up to recently, and what better way to find out than for you to tell me (and everyone else) as part of an open mic “my last project” session.

Continue reading BarCamp Leeds – “my last project”