BarCamp Leeds – “my last project”

If you’re attending BarCamp Leeds, I need YOU.

I’d love to know what you’ve been up to recently, and what better way to find out than for you to tell me (and everyone else) as part of an open mic “my last project” session.

So tell me the idea again?

At Leeds BarCamp, I’ll compere a session where as many people as we can fit in tell the audience about their last project. I don’t mind what that project was, could be a website, firewall for a big company, setting up a new company, planting your garden, getting married, the interaction design for a checkout, an arduino project to automatically hose down cats that sh*t on your grass, a webcam to monitor a nesting kestrel, illustrations for a childrens book, launching a new boutique hotel, building an app for OS X which reads Wikipedia articles… anything!

There must be some rules?

Oh yes, Rules Rule! :) It’s basically a 20:20 micropresentation format, so:

  • You get 20 slides
  • Each slide shows for 20 seconds (that’s 6 minutes and 40 seconds in total)

Admin stuff

I’d prefer the presentations in Keynote (OS X presentation app) or PowerPoint (see the templates below), but PDF or even just 20 image files will also be fine (although I reserve the right to convert it into Keynote or whatever to make the switchovers easier).

I’m going to run all the presentations off my machine (which is a Mac), so I will need your presentations fairly early on Saturday so I can load them all onto my machine. (If this looks like taking off I’ll get someone to point me out in the intro so you know who I am.)

I’m in! …errr, what do I do now?

Cool. I can’t wait to hear about what you’ve been up to! Would you bung your name in the comments below so I know roughly how many people are interested, please? After all, this might only be a good idea in my head and I’d like to find that out before the day!

Download the templates below, and make your presentation. The first slide should be your name and the project/presentation title. Then there should be 19 slides following that one, making 20 slides in total. Please make it an autorunning presentation, so each slide advances after 20 seconds… if you can’t do this for whatever reason don’t worry I (or someone else) will sort it for you on the day or do it manually or whatever.


Got a question or suggestion? Put it in the comments below…

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