Airclick and RealPlayer

Unfortunately AirClick doesn’t control RealPlayer out of the box, but can be extended with AppleScript.

[Update: I’ve managed to get working AppleScript for adding RealPlayer to the applications supported by AirClick. I will write it up in due time, but in the meantime feel free to comment if you’re interested in an advance copy.]

[Update 2: Download my AirClick for RealPlayer scripts (oops, deleted them in a recent upgrade), including a readme.txt explaining how you might get it working. These scripts work for me, but you use and install them at your own risk.]

[Update 3: Changed title from “Applescripting RealPlayer 10”.]

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  1. So did you get that script to work? Am dying for a way to get the airclick to work with realplayer for Mac. Can you help me out? Never used applescript but I’m a quick learner, thanks a lot!


  2. I’ve been trying to get applescript to work with Real Player for the AirClick as well. Everything I have tried has failed with errors other than the 2 most basic commands of Play and Pause. I would apreciate if you wouldn’t mind sharing your script with me. Thanks!

  3. I’ll call 2 people a “popular demand”; I’ve updated the message to include a link to download the scripts. Sometime I’ll write this up more properly, sometime…

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