Startershop is out!

We’ve just launched our new ecommerce product, Startershop. As it says on the tin: Startershop is an easy to use, no-nonsense ecommerce solution for just £199 setup, free for the first year, then £10/month thereafter.

It’s been a long time coming now, and I’m glad it’s finally out the door. Our aim was to produce something really simple to use that would work for small businesses who want to sell something on the Web, but don’t have several thousand to drop on a complex, heavily featured custom shop. With a Startershop, we hope you’ve got everything you need to start trading on the web within days.

The low end of the online shop market, like every other end, is crowded with everyone from BT to your local web shop. We think we differentiate on a number of levels:

Ease of Use: Many of the solutions I looked at seemed to be too much like the back end of a database for my liking. With Startershop you don’t edit spreadsheets and tables, you click around your site editing the products and pages directly. When designing Startershop we’ve gone for simplicity over features… ending up with a product that’s simple and easy to use.

Good looking: I suppose this one is always subjective; however, we think that Startershop gives a professional look to any small business. You may not be able to add background textures onto your products, to make them look like they belong in the eighties, but you can tailor a simple and strong look for yourself.

No technobabble: So often when you visit a web design company to get your new site, they blind you with jargon and baffle you with terms. (I’ve been as guilty as the next web-nic in the past.) Startershop aims to keep it’s language simple, and ensure that the merchant know what is happening on their own store.
More news to follow I’m sure, as we get into refining the process. Startershop is going to get better and easier to use with every week that passes.

Interested? Check out Startershop for yourself.

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