P3P Wizard – Free $29.95 Automated P3P Privacy Policy Generator

IE 6 on Windows rejects cookies not sent with compact privacy headers; meaning that some users may not be able to access some areas of your site. The solution is to generate a privacy policy, which this P3P Wizard takes (most of) the pain out of…

Update: This wizard now charges a fee. Thanks for the heads up Dave (below).

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  1. Hey Simon,
    Thanks for the positive feedback on P3P Wiz :o)

    My appologies for the complexity in the current version.

    I’ve tried very hard to fix errors and simplify the process as much as possible in the next release.

    I’m sure the new P3P Wiz will deal adequately with the privacy issues of single level Web Sites and the more complex issues of Web Sites with online shopping carts etc.

    I hope to release the new version of P3P Wiz within the next few weeks.

    Kind Regards
    Brad Hinchliffe

  2. One comment. Its not free. I walked through the very lengthy wizard only to be told that my compact policy would be sent to me once I paid.

    Perhaps you could change the title of your blog post to: Fee based P3P Policy Generator.

    You know, just so you it doesn’t look like your lying or anything.

  3. To be fair to Brad Hinchliffe, I just had another look at the site and it does in fact say $19.95 up front. I found it through an old link that deeplinked past that page I guess. Anyway I went there expecting it to be free and only after 25 minutes of form filling I got hit with the enter credit card here type thing. SoI was rather put out.

    Apologise for the harshness ;)

  4. Hi,
    Sorry for the time wasted Dave.

    The reason I had to introduce a fee for the service was due to the number of websites that were charging for a P3P Policy and then simply sending their users to the free P3P Wiz site. On top of that, we were supplying all of the technical support (also free).

    I’ve kept the price as low as possible bearing in mind that technical support can sometimes include server based problems (and recompiles in a few cases).

    I’d like to point out that every support request (even while the service was free) has resulted in a very happy end user with a functioning policy.

    I actually added the free P3P seal as a way to compensate for the new cost of the P3PWiz service.

    I hope you can now see why the fee has been introduced (still cheaper than any other option) and that given the time and costs involved, (to me at least) it’s still basically a free service.


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