Configuring Apple OS X to use a Nokia 6300 as a bluetooth modem

With a lot of help with Ross Barkman‘s handy modem scripts, I’ve managed to create a bluetooth modem connection with my Nokia 6300 on (UK) Orange. On the off chance that this is useful to someone else, here’s what I did…

This is nicely documented in the readme file included in the download, but here goes:

Downloaded the Nokia GPRS scripts from Ross’s homepage. (It’s got an excellent readme file, which fills out my instructions here.)

Unzipped the zip archive and dropped all the files starting “Nokia GPRS” into the Library folder on my Macintosh HD drive (I imagine I could have dropped it into my personal Library folder).

I entered the following settings in Apple menu > System Preferences > Network > Configure > Show: Bluetooth

PPP: Service: Orange
PPP: Telephone number: orangeinternet

Bluetooth Modem: Nokia GPRS CID1

That’s it! Easy. Thanks Ross

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  1. Thanks a bunch, one hurdle overcome. Now got to get it to talk to my Palm T3 and all will be well with the world!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks ever so much for this. For some reason this didn’t quite work for me at first (most likely me being a bit dense I guess) so I thought I’d add to the thread in case it is of any use to someone else out there. I was trying to hook up my UK based O2 Nokia 6300 to my MacBook (Leopard). As discussed, I got the Modem scripts in place and paired up my phone. At this point though I couldn’t for my life get the right thing in Network Preferences and was plugging away for ages setting up PPPoE and all kinds of guff! In the end I went back into Bluetooth Prefs, selected my phone and then chose “Edit Serial Ports”. I then got an option for Dial Up Networking (not called exactly this as it depends on the Bluetooth device name etc) which was not enabled. You may even need to add this in if it isn’t listed at all. Protocol should be set to “Modem” and Service should be set to “Dial Up Networking” and make sure “Show in network prefs” is selected. Once this is applied I now went into Network preferences and from there could then add this into my location. I actually ended up setting a new location for this so I can have it automatically connect/drop the phone line but only when I set my location to “Mobile” – otherwise I’d end up with a massive phone bill. In this new location I clicked the + button to add a new interface, and from the interface drop-down selected my Dial Up Networking option – use the Service Name drop down to give this a friendly name of your choice. Now back in the main network prefs, set configuration to default, telephone number to or your providers Access Point Name [APN] (this is where the scripts work their magic), account name to mobileweb and password to password. A quick search for O2 access point names found a bunch of sites listing alternate APN and DSN details.
    Click “Advanced”. In the Modem tab, set your modem vendor to Nokia and APN to I left my CID equal to the default value (1). In the DNS tab add and as your DNS servers and in the PPP tab, you can set various auto-connect options to your taste. OK and apply and you should be all set to go. I also tick “Show Modem Status in Menu bar” just so I can keep an eye on things!

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