Firefox autocomplete and dual monitors on OS X

There’s an irritating bug on Firefox for OSX when you’re using it with dual monitors. If you plugin the monitor after you’ve started Firefox, and it is in the secondary monitor, the autocomplete for URLs and for search queries will appear on the primary monitor. Very confusing. The solution is to restart Firefox (which retains the current set of opened websites in tabs and windows), for which I use the Restart Firefox plugin recommended by Sam Clark.

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  1. Hehe, thanks for the shout out Simon. I use the plug-in myself for when Firefox strangely won’t accept ‘Enter’ in the address bar, preventing one from typing in URLs to navigate to.

    I have noticed this happens when I have logged into my server admin page, which is heavy on the Javascript. I think this is ‘breaking’ Firefox, although so far so good in Firefox 3 b3.

    Anyway, it’s a handy plug-in

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