You have to get the right kit to help you get the job done, am I right? For the first six months I was pushing The Boy’s pram round a lot of parks, rain and shine, whatever it took to get him to sleep. All this in the wrong shoes: Camper Twins.

Camper Twins
Camper Twins

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Camper Twins. They were a gift from my wife, and they’ve lasted me longer than many shoes, but sturdy they are not. Ready for all weathers, they are not. Capable of keeping my feet dry and comfy while pushing a pram around a park, they are not.

So I went looking for something that would do the job. Enter my Scarpa Mojito GTX. Comfortable and waterproof (they have a Gore-Tex inner, hence the “GTX” bit), they’re all a dad at my stage of dadding could ask for. Thoroughly recommended.

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  1. Waterproof walking shoes with heavy duty soles are awesome. I bought a pair just the other day, and they’re great for bashing about town on foot during rain, snow and just plain old cold weather. They’re a bit shit in summer time, but you can always get a different pair then. Or you could live somewhere which never gets hot.

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