He went over backwards into the water

We filled the bath quite full today. The problem is that sometimes you get it too cold, and then have to run more hot into it, and then you overshoot, and have to run more cold again. Anyway, it was quite full.
Granny and grandpa were there, playing with Roo, pouring water from cup to cup, and he was having a great time. Because someone else was watching him I was just mucking about on Twitter on my new iPhone.

He went over backwards. Nobody’s fault, he just does this sometimes. He’s at a wobbly stage of life.

Everyone froze.

Time froze.

I could see his eyes, looking at me through the water, starting to panic.

I could see the bubbles coming out of his mouth.

You wonder how instinctively you’ll operate on these occasions. How much conscious thought will be involved.

I didn’t think, I just grabbed him round the chest with both hands and pulled him up. After blowing some water out of his mouth, and after I’d distracted him with a duck, he was fine.

I looked down at my iPhone, dripping wet, in my right hand where it had been through the entire episode. Did I mention it was a long awaited upgrade from a three years old phone? Yeah. Well, it, like Roo, seems fine. So far.

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