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For a while now I’ve been meaning to post about these three great podcasts I’ve had on regular rotation for the last few months since starting running again. The blend is really working for me, and giving this mix some longevity: current affairs slanted to the serious (The Intelligence) and the curious (Kottke Ride Home), with a chaser of strategic commentary (Stratechery).

The Intelligence, from Economist Radio provides an informed liberal world view covering diverse topics from the possibilities and limitations of green venture capitalism, trials with K-Pop, the rise of Korean Trot, and Shinzō Abe’s legacy in Japan.

The Kottke Ride Home, gives me the cool things from the news today. The stories picked by the presenter, Jackson Bird, range from a recently discovered lava planet, how many holes does a straw have, the discovery of water on the moon, tardigrade sunscreen, and a little known history of transgender people.

The Stratechery Podcast from Ben Thompson’s Stratechery provides insights into strategy in the internet age such as Kurian’s helming of Google Cloud Platform to target the enterprise from inside Google, how Slack might successfully compete with Microsoft, and a great series of interviews with leaders like Jeff Lawson of Twilio, Jonah Peretti of Buzzfeed, and Stewart Butterfield of Slack.

None of them are too long and with the judicious application of 1.25x playback I can keep abreast of this trio on my lunchtime exercise and from and to dropping off and picking up my boy from school.

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