Marty Cagan in London, April 2018

As part of diving into Product Management, I noticed that Marty Cagan of Silicon Valley Product Group was speaking at a Business of Software evening in London. Marty was recommended as a figure to follow by Brie, my colleague at Automattic, so I grabbed a ticket immediately.

Marty centred his talk around unleashing and empowering the engineer, and it was incredibly impressive and inspiring to listen to him. It’s always wonderful when you’re learning from someone with sufficient mastery of their subject that questions always trigger a well thought through response, backed up by multiple examples. Here’s my tl;dr for the evening:

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Why do the trains have to stop?

Fantastic idea from China for a transport system where the trains don’t stop at stations, but where people still get on and off. Most of the energy in public transport is spent in getting the train/bus/tram moving again only shortly after you’ve stopped it at a station. So how do we remove this wasteful but presumably vital step from the process?

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The Government double charges us for data

I’ve just felt sufficiently exercised to write to my MP, about the UK government charging for information they’ve collected with our (the UK taxpayers) money. For example, I’m doing a location based events search for Arts & Kids. The data underpinning this has been collected by OS and the Royal Mail, using tax payers money, and yet the charity is having to pay for it in order to provide a free service to UK citizens.

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