Ideas for my council

You can click on the mockup above, to see a full screen view of the mockup.

This mockup is part of a submission that Guy Dickinson of Participo and I are submitting for the UK Government’s “Show Us A Better Way“ competition to create innovative and socially useful applications with Government data.

Update: You can see the idea on the “Show Us a Better Way” site now, Ideas for My Council.

Update 2: Guy and I have now submitted this idea to the “Building Democracy” site. Fingers crossed (again).

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  1. I left an overly long comment left on the Building Democracy site – I won’t clog your blog up with it.

    Like your ‘startershop’ by the way.

  2. This is similar to the start of a process called community-led planning run across the UK, normally called parish planning. Although this system is a little more organic in nature. I think combining elements of both would be useful, otherwise parish planning is in danger of losing relevancy and this system is in danger of only producing single issue, individualistic suggestions.

    see for a whole load of examples of community planning.

  3. We will be keen to host all your documents at and provide a method for embedding them on your applications for greater interactivity. Once hosted on edocr, edocr can be used as a distribution channel with interactivity commencing from all sites that embed the document thumbnail or flash document.

    Best regards

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