Ideas for my Council (update)

Guy Dickinson and I have submitted our proposal for “Ideas for My Council” to Building Democracy, a new initiative from the Democratic Engagement Branch of the Ministry of Justice (what a fantastic department name). The competition is not dissimilar to Show Us a Better Way from Tom Watson & co., to which we’ve also submitted this proposal. You can view our proposal on the Building Democracy site.

Various of the previous projects were run by the awesome My Society, e.g. Fax Your MP which became WriteToThem, so winners of this competition would be in good company. 

Fingers crossed.

Ideas for my council

You can click on the mockup above, to see a full screen view of the mockup.

This mockup is part of a submission that Guy Dickinson of Participo and I are submitting for the UK Government’s “Show Us A Better Way“ competition to create innovative and socially useful applications with Government data.

Update: You can see the idea on the “Show Us a Better Way” site now, Ideas for My Council.

Update 2: Guy and I have now submitted this idea to the “Building Democracy” site. Fingers crossed (again).