Phew. My calendar is synced to my phone again

My phone used to sync with iCal several times a day, but when I upgraded to Leopard it wiped my cron tab file and all that goodness stopped. (Your crontab file is a way of scheduling tasks on your Mac using the Terminal application.) I’ve just googled around for the solution and found it again: Use cron to automate iSync at non-standard intervals. Nice neat solution, to which I would only add the following: 0 8,10,12,14 * * * osascript -e ‘tell application “iSync” to synchronize’ >> /dev/null Whenever a Cron command runs, any output is sent by email to the account handler. This simply builds up as unsendable email in the system, or spams you every time the script runs… either way it’s not good. The >> /dev/null simply sends any output into a black hole so it doesn’t bother me.

Originally I’m sure I had this set so iSync closed down again when it was done… so maybe more to follow.

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