🌡 Log My Temperature – Siri Shortcut

Due to “reasons”, taking my temperature every morning has become commonplace. I’ve worked out a Siri Shortcut to log the temperature, check the data and alert me to changes. If you’re interested, and have an iPhone (the shortcut relies on the Health app, so I don’t think it will work on iPad), you can download the shortcut here:

Important: Because the shortcut reads from the Health app, and because that’s protected personal data, you need to run this shortcut on an unlocked phone or it just… silently fails (bad form, Apple).

The Shortcut runs the following actions:

  1. “Hey Siri, log my temperature”
  2. “What is it?”
    N.B. The answer is expected to be a number
  3. Get my Body Temperature from yesterday, and store it to use in later checks
  4. Log my answer from today as a Body Temperature data point
  5. Check the difference from yesterday, and tell me what the difference is if it’s +/- 1.5ºC
    N.B. This calculation will work with Fahrenheit, but you might want to change from 1.5 to whatever suits the Fahrenheight scale
  6. If the difference check above passes, simply speak the temperature

Let me know any enhancements, I’m happy to collaborate :)

P.S. I wish it was possible to export a Siri Shortcut in a kind of scripting format, so you could view it on a webpage… or maybe an oEmbed for Siri Shortcuts? That’d be cool.

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