Quick thoughts for 2008-01-18 (via Twitter)

  • Good lord above getting Win98 onto Parallels is so ridiculously hard. #
  • With Parallels, I do like the idea that Windows installs are contained… floating in a virtual bell jar filled with imaginary formaldehyde. #
  • "Print and sign please" I hate writing on those delivery driver’s handhelds, it makes my writing look even more like a 5 yr old’s than usual #
  • Extraordinarily blatantly sexual game of chess in the original Thomas Crown Affair. #
  • The kissing scene which follows is just weird though, by modern standards. #

Quick thoughts for 2008-01-16 (via Twitter)

  • @samclark – If Leopard still freezes on boot with a non-existent drive then I’m not updating. #
  • Very amusing tale from Gruber’s kid: http://twitter.com/AmyJane/statuses/603632882 #
  • Darn, I was hoping to get over to Leeds GeekUp this evening, but Work is squatting on my life and it’s not going to happen. #
  • Really interesting ideas from BBC Radio Labs on "visual" radio: http://tinyurl.com/2byw5w #
  • Argh. Does anyone know how to escape the * character in Basecamp? I’m trying to document a shellscript with wildcards and it’s very annoying #