Quick thoughts for 2008-02-22 (via Twitter)

  • I’ve set SuperDuper going over lunch, and then in the afternoon I shall make the leap to Leopard. #
  • Some damn sexy data visualisations at www.linkfluence.net. #
  • Ooh look. A leopard. #
  • Front Row is so much more responsive in Leopard than Tiger. Network drives seem less prone to jamming the whole system as well. #

Quick thoughts for 2007-12-10 (via Twitter)

  • Rented a MacBook so I can get the broken one into Apple to have the keyboard repaired. #
  • Off for lunch, and to prepare my first slow cooker meal – pork casserole in cider. #
  • First a cold, now a chest infection. I avoid the rest of humanity and work in a hermetically sealed vault precisely to avoid these issues. #