Quick thoughts for 2008-02-01 (via Twitter)

  • Google UIs started translating into a Cyrillic language a few days ago, but have reverted now. Luckily I hadn’t booked evening courses. #
  • Just finished putting a chicken curry in the slow cooker. Used a different spice mix this time, and I think it’ll be hotter. #

Slow cooker chicken casserole recipe

I’m really enjoying my slow cooker at the moment, quick preparation and then the house fills with lovely cooking smells for hours. (My wife says it smells like her grandparents house when there’s something in the slow cooker.) This is a simple chicken casserole I knocked up the other day, slightly spiced with the chilli. Next time I’m under instructions to remove the skin, and use separate bones which can be removed before serving… then it’ll bump up the approval rating to 3 apparently.

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Quick thoughts for 2007-12-10 (via Twitter)

  • Rented a MacBook so I can get the broken one into Apple to have the keyboard repaired. #
  • Off for lunch, and to prepare my first slow cooker meal – pork casserole in cider. #
  • First a cold, now a chest infection. I avoid the rest of humanity and work in a hermetically sealed vault precisely to avoid these issues. #