Quick thoughts for 2007-12-11 (via Twitter)

  • I thought the New York Times was supposed to be entirely open now? I’ve just hit two articles on my Palm which were behind the login wall. #
  • The rented MacBook has arrived in the kind of case I had assumed was reserved for nuclear triggers. #
  • Sitting back and twiddling my thumbs while I wait for the hard drives to clone, preparatory to installing my setup on the rented MacBook. #
  • Not impressed with the LaCie d2 quadra harddrive. It sounds like someone is speed carving the data onto a rockface with a pneumatic drill. #
  • The concierge for booking ap’ts at the Apple shop is awful, no way of submitting the further info & then the page auto-forwards unexpectedly #
  • Noticing the lower responsiveness in this rented MacBook: 2gB memory vs 4gB, makes a fair difference. #

Quick thoughts for 2007-12-10 (via Twitter)

  • Rented a MacBook so I can get the broken one into Apple to have the keyboard repaired. #
  • Off for lunch, and to prepare my first slow cooker meal – pork casserole in cider. #
  • First a cold, now a chest infection. I avoid the rest of humanity and work in a hermetically sealed vault precisely to avoid these issues. #