Quick thoughts for 2007-12-21 (via Twitter)

Secure deleting all my personal data from the rented laptop, which is taking ages. Wish I’d started last night, the courier is due today. # Genius description: Ashen faced, disintegrating, infant suspending, not full shilling, struggling fairground owner, Michael Jackson… # Radiohead received no money from pre-Rainbows albums digital sales, due to contractual wrinkles from …

Quick thoughts for 2007-12-18 (via Twitter)

Heading into town for the GeekUp Christmas meal. Very exciting. # I’m glad to see that Radio 1 have rescinded their ill judged censorship of The Pogues masterpiece, Fairytale of New York. # I’ve never noticed before, but Velvet play the sound of rushing water in their toilets. Nice touch. #