PHPNW12: Effective code reviews

A really entertaining talk, with great slides, by Sebastian Marek at PHPNW12 on Code Reviews. As usual, the notes below are a mix my understanding of what Sebastian said and what I was thinking as he said it. If I’ve misunderstood or misheard, just let me know in the comments.

Introducing the characters (cute little character drawings in the slides):
Tom “I want it done” the owner
Harry “just get it done” the manager
…I missed the others :)

Take a process: design, coding, code review, testing. But do we really need to review the code? “Surely the testing covers the testing, and you guys already know how to code, right?”

“We’re nearly done, just need to review the code”
“But we’re busy, we have no-one spare, let’s just push it out…”

“I need John Senior to review my code.”
“He’s busy, you can have Bob Junior”

“We do all these code reviews, it’s still buggy, we’re spending all this time, it’s just not working. We’re abandoning the reviews.” Continue reading PHPNW12: Effective code reviews